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Palgardi Kraana

Palgard Crane Group

PALGARD CRANE GROUP is a group of enterprises rendering loading, unloading, transportation and warehousing services that has evolved from the Swedish enterprise PÅLGÅRD & SÖNER KRAN AB, founded in 1972. This is a family company and its traditions date back to 1957 when the chief founding member of the enterprise began rendering the corresponding services in the Swedish logistics market. The experience that spans over 50 years is the key that has enabled the company to render loading and unloading services offering quality, speed and the best solutions and to successfully expand into the neighbouring countries.

By now, the main spheres of activity of the group comprise loading and unloading of ships, cargoes at warehouses and terminals, transportation of materials. Also selling and renting hydraulic machines and equipment. In addition we produce metal structures and lifting equipments. Palgard Crane Group is operating in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Palgardi Kraana OÜ

In order to ensure client satisfaction with the high quality and speed of work standards, as experienced in Scandinavia, the need emerged in the early 1990s for new round timber loading technologies in Estonia, too. Perceiving the demand of its main cooperation partners for a quality loading service in the Baltic States, Pålgård & Söner Kran AB took a risky decision and transported on a ship from Sweden to Estonia the first mobile material handling machine for the purpose of loading at Kunda a ship of the former forest resource procurer, MoDo Skog AB, with round timber. The high quality of loading, the work speed and moderate operational risk convinced the brothers of the usefulness of entering that new developing market. 

In 1995, the subsidiary company Palgardi Kraana & Transpordi AS was created in Estonia, reregistered in 1997 as Palgardi Kraana OÜ.

The main spheres of activity of Palgardi Kraana OÜ today are loading/unloading of cargo with hydraulic cranes at Estonian ports and cargo terminals. The company currently operates in Roomassaare, Virtsu, Heltermaa and Rohuküla ports.

The cargo handling comprises loading and unloading of round timber, chopped firewood, wood pellets, lumber, chipboards, solid wood panels, peat, gravel, clinker, coke, chalk, rapeseed, grain, metal raw materials, rubber and various metal structures.

Group companies

The portfolio of services of the companies belonging to the group includes everything from loading and unloading to warehouse services, transport and the sale and maintenance of related machines and necessary additional equipment.