Group companies

Palgardo Kranai UAB

Due to the increasing cargo flows of Palgardi Kraana Grupp’s main clients (Scandinavian timber product exporters) via the Port of Klaipeda, the group’s subsidiary enterprise, Palgardo Kranai UAB, was created in Lithuania in April of 1998. Palgardo Kranai has by now evolved in that region into a well-recognised loading enterprise with its own traditions. The main sphere of activity of Palgardo Kranai is unloading and loading of its clients’ cargo at quays and timber and scrap metal terminals of the Port of Klaipeda. The main types of cargo handled are round timber, lumber and scrap metal.

Key indicators of Palgardo Kranai UAB:
operates at several different quays at the Port of Klaipeda, as well as many timber and scrap metal terminals;
owns and uses for loading work several hydraulic material handling machines;
owns several mobile machine maintenance and repair units.